Who the hell is Jules Brooke anyway?!


Jules is a dynamic, excitable and very enthusiastic business woman, serial entrepreneur, speaker, tech platform founder and DIY PR expert who is passionate about empowering the women around her. 


Jules was the first entrepreneur in a family full of them! After starting her own graphic design company with two designers in her early twenties, Jules sold the business to move to the UK on a whim. While there she worked as a freelance Account Director for a number of corporate design and packaging agencies, ad agencies, direct mail and even sales promotion agencies. Oh, and she picked up a husband and managed to travel a lot too. 


She arrived back in Sydney just in time to enjoy NYE 2000 and the Sydney Olympics, then she headed back to Melbourne, and promptly found out she was pregnant the day she arrived. 


She started Handle Communications, a PR agency that focused on SMEs, startups and, particularly, business Mums, at a time when women were starting their own businesses in droves. But then the GFC hit, clients peeled away as PR wasn’t considered to be a priority, and that’s when Jules had a ‘lightbulb moment’. She would teach people how to contact the media directly and handle their own PR.


After a few years of plugging away in the DIY PR space as a side hustle, and with very little financial return, Jules decided to ditch agency life and focus on Handle Your Own PR. Jules took the plunge, sold her house and invested some of the money into building a PR SaaS platform. Now Handle Your Own PR is a successful PR business that has helped hundreds of Australians turn into PR gurus!


Fast forward to 2019 there was a fateful LinkedIn post from Ahron Young, looking for people to interview on Ticker TV. Now she has her own show called She’s The Boss every week.


So, that, in a nutshell, is who the hell Jules Brooke is! A crazy pink haired woman with a big heart, lots of determination and passion for what she does, with an infectious enthusiasm that’s hard to resist.


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