Celebrity LOTTO


Jules Brooke

Jules Brooke is a PR coach, speaker and TV Presenter on Ticker TV. She is also the Founder of Handle Your Own PR. A unique PR SaaS platform, with PR education and both online and in-person coaching packages.

Celebrity LOTTO

One great way to get your product or service some great exposure is to have a famous person photographed using it. Now we’re going to assume you don’t have a spare $200,000 to pay the likes of Nicole Kidman or Elle McPherson to be seen using your brand of nappy bag/earrings/organic lipstick (wild assumption, I know!), but there is another way. Sometimes you can get lucky. Celebrities like gifts, especially clever or useful ones. And often their agents like to pass on gifts to their clients. And occasionally a celeb will use your product in public and, hey presto, every man and his dog wants one too. It’s a long shot and it’s not right for every product and service out there, but if you’re willing to play ‘celebrity lotto’ it might just pay off. This works particularly well for you if your product has an identifiable logo. Who can forget seeing images of Sarah Jessica Parker and Gweneth Paltrow pushing their babies in Bugaboos?


In our newsletter today we gave you agent contact details for Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson and Nicole Richie. Who else do you want contact details for? Who would be ‘celeb gold’ in terms of your business? Have you had any success with a celeb in the past? Don’t be shy. Post a comment!

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