What happens when you go on TV for an interview?


Jules Brooke

Jules Brooke is a PR coach, speaker and TV Presenter on Ticker TV. She is also the Founder of Handle Your Own PR. A unique PR SaaS platform, with PR education and both online and in-person coaching packages.

What happens when you go on TV for an interview?

I thought you might like an outline of what will happen when you are asked to do a TV chat show interview. Remember they are not there to try and catch you out. They want you to be comfortable and feel relaxed. They are just interested in your story and want to help you sell the book! Relax and enjoy it. You got this!!


I suggest you ask the Producer if you will be getting your hair and makeup done first (ie. Should you arrive with a clean face or do they prefer to add to what you have done yourself), but most of the time they will want to check that your makeup is appropriate for TV. Blokes will probably just get a dusting of powder to take away any shine.


Try to wear a solid colour on your top if you can. Bright always looks good. Don’t wear stripes or anything too ‘busy’. Try to watch the show first so you know what it looks like and can see what the other guests wear.


Remember they love stories, so if you can think of some anecdotes to illustrate your point, then use them!

What will happen on the day of filming

Once you arrive at reception, they will call the Producer (your contact) who will come and get you.


They will probably take you to hair and makeup first, where they will leave you until you are ready. You can tell the makeup artist and hairdresser what you prefer.

Then they will take you to the ‘Green room’. This isn’t green, it’s just where they put guests before they bring them onto the set. There may well be other people there (I have been there with some famous faces!) who you can chat to. They always have drinks and some food there too.


The Producer will come back and get you a few minutes before you go on. They will take you to the set and you will probably stand at the side until you’re about to be called. It’s often much smaller than you think it is!!


They will probably put you on the set during an ad break and you will get time to say a quick hello to the presenters. The Director will give you a countdown to the show coming on air again and then the presenter will introduce you and you will have a chat.


Most interviews go for 2-8 minutes so it won’t be too log but just remember to smile and be friendly with the presenter, answer the questions and enjoy it. Its all about you for those few minutes and they will be really interested in your story.

When you finish, they will probably say thank you and then the Producer will take you back to the Green Room to get your stuff.


That’s when you should take the opportunity to say that you would love to come back. Tell them you can send them a list of topics and suggestions that you would be happy to comment on.

Also ask if they can send you a link to the footage once it is up on the program’s website.

Sales tips

You might want to capture the interest while you re hot and ask them to put a link to your website on their website!

Make sure people can easily get in contact with you via the website to purchase.

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